My doctoral dissertation was titled Scientific Understanding and Pragmatic Rationality. I investigated some features by virtue of which theories and models give us understanding of the world and showed that empirical adequacy need (and in some cases should) not be one of them. I then looked at Hasok Chang's views on the understanding we gain via rationally carrying out our chosen epistemic/ cognitive activities such as observing, experimenting, modeling, and theorizing. Rational engagement in these activities entails - according to Chang - making certain ontological assumptions. In particular I offered a reinterpretation of the philosophy of Pierre Duhem, an early 20th century physicist, philosopher, and historian through this lens of pragmatic rationality.

Currently, my work cleaves into two broad areas. First, continuing ideas from my doctoral dissertation I'm looking into various pragmatic versions of scientific realism and how these relate to pragmatist philosophy more broadly. Second, I've been working at the intersection of philosophy of science and science education. I'm investigating the features of scientific artifacts like theories and models in relation to pedagogy and scientific understanding in young children. I'm also looking at the role of values in science education.


Peer-reviewed articles

• The Value of False Theories in Science Education – Science and Education Vol. 28 (March 2019), Issues 1-2, pp. 5 - 23.
• What’s so special about empirical adequacy? – with Nancy Cartwright – European Journal for Philosophy of Science Vol. 7, Issue 3 (October 2017), pp. 445 – 465.
• Duhemian Good Sense and Agent Reliablism – Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A Vol. 64 (August 2017), pp. 22 – 29.
• The Rationale Behind Pierre Duhem’s Natural Classification – Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A Vol. 51 (June 2015), pp. 11-21.

Edited volumes

‘Unconceived Alternatives and Scientific Realism’ – co-edited with Ian James Kidd – Synthese Vol. 196, Issue 10 (October 2019)

Book Reviews

Discovery and classification in Astronomy by Steven J. Dick – Philosophy of Science Vol. 82 No. 3 (July 2015), pp. 520-525.

Articles in progress

• Values and Theory Choice: Some Parallels Between Philosophy and Metaphilosophy of Science
• Values in Science Education: A Critical Appraisal of the Next Generation Science Standards
• Between Scientism and Antiscience: A Virtue Epistemological Study

Selected Talks

• Science as a Liberal Art: Invited panelist at the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai, India, January 2020
• Values in Science Education: A Critical Appraisal of ‘Nature of Science’ in the Next Generation Science Standards – International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching Group biannual conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, July 2019
• Values in Science and Philosophy – from Philosophy of Science-in-Practice to Philosophy-of-Science in Practice – ‘Get Real!’ History and Philosophy of Science Conference, Leeds University, September 2017
• What's so special about empirical adequacy? (Invited) – with Nancy Cartwright and Bas van Fraassen – UC San Diego Science Studies, April 2017
• Duhemian Good Sense and Agent Reliabilism – Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting, Atlanta, GA, November 2016
• The Many Shades of Pragmatic Realism (Invited) – Department of Philosophy at Oakland University, Detroit, MI, November 2016
• Values and Theory Choice: Some Parallels Between Philosophy and Metaphilosophy of Science – (Invited keynote address) VII CSUN Philosophy Student Conference, April 2016
• Why not to aim for Truth in Theory – with Nancy Cartwright (Invited) – Workshop on Non-Alethic Aims of Inquiry, University of St Andrews, Scotland, October 2014
• Plausibility, Intelligibility, and Theory Appraisal – Society for the Social Studies of Science, San Diego, October 2013
• Plausibility as a Cognitive Value – Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice, Toronto, Canada, June 2013
• Ontological Plausibility as a Desideratum in Theory Evaluation – British Society for Philosophy of Science, Exeter, UK, July 2013
• In Search of Norms for Privatized Science – UT Dallas Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology, April 2012
• Duhem and Conditional Plausibility Realism – Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Philosophy Graduate Conference, April 2012

Grants and Fellowships

• CSUN Research, Scholarship and Creative Awards Grant – Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019
• CSUN College of Humanities Faculty Fellowship Research Grant – Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018
• CSUN College of Humanities Probationary Faculty Research Support Grant – Summer 2017, Summer 2018, Summer 2019
• CSUN Probationary Faculty Support Program Research Grant – Spring 2016
• UC San Diego Science Studies Program Dissertation Fellowship – Fall 2014, Fall 2013
• UC San Diego Department of Philosophy Dissertation Fellowship – Spring 2013; Fall 2012; Spring 2012